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Boost your child's development
through the joy and power of music!

Give your child the best possible start!

At Little Light Studio, your child is at the very heart of everything we do - where we are proud to offer Music & Movement classes for Newborn to Age 7. Our caring educators welcome them into a comfortable, engaging and joyful space where they will move, dance, and fill the Studio with music, smiles and laughter. 

Internationally known for creating joy, relationship building, and developing the whole child, Kindermusik not only builds a sound music foundation for your child, but offers so much more!

While your child interacts with other children in a fun and engaging environment, you'll soak up this dedicated time spent with them. In addition, you'll appreciate the educational value of our classes and build lasting friendships with like-minded families.

In a nutshell, our program combines early literacy with music & movement to provide your child a boost on cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development.


New Class Alert!

Infant Kindermusik

8-week Class

Gift yourself and your baby 45 minutes of joyful, engaging, musical, and meaningful interactions. This class is good for the mind, soul and body for both you and baby!




The educators at This Little Light Studio do a fabulous job of facilitating growth in our children through song, play, literacy and movement all while being incredibly understanding and accommodating to "kids being kids".


This provides a welcoming and accepting environment  for new and seasoned families. Not only do we love the musical aspect of class, but the social interaction is just as valuable to us. We feel blessed to have this program offered in our community!



Kindermusik is Paisley’s favorite thing to do! She sings the songs all week long, and runs to the door on Monday’s when I tell her it’s time to go to music class!



Amazing infant class today! I came home and told my husband that you'd think I'd be a pro at parenting and connecting with my baby after having three of them. But I feel like you opened up a whole new world of interaction and supporting my baby's development that I didn't know existed.

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